Main Benefits

Halotherapy is suitable for people of all ages and is an efficient alternative for medication. The halogenerator within the salt chamber emits negative salt ions which the body them absorbs topically through the skin and internally through respiration.

Other Applications

Some of the most common applications for Halotherapy are: Inflammation and mucus in lungs ● Asthma ● Allergies ● Bronchitis ● Sinus congestion ● COPD ● Depression and anxiety ● Psoriasis ● Eczema ● Acne

Thank you to Sense Therapy for the much needed relief from my psoriasis and severe eczema! I had completely run out of treatment options until I discovered Sense Therapy. My treatments have become few and far between, and I have never felt better. Thanks again.

Esther Conner Nurse-Retired

My child has suffered from horrible asthmatic attacks since he was born. Thank god for Sense Therapy for giving me an alternative treatment to his ailment that is non-invasive and natural. His asthma has been completely under control since he started treatment.

Santiago Martin Contractor

I had read about halotherapy before, but was extremely surprised at how efficiently it has treated my seasonal allergies since I started treatment. I have gone from being a habitual allergy medication taker to hardly needing it at all anymore!

Victoria Sanderson Banker

Above Expectations

Our Halotherapy is FDA cleared, safe enough for daily use and it is an effective treatment for many ailments.

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