About Us

The leading provider of non-invasive therapy

Sense Therapy is the leading provider of non-invasive therapy specializing in pain
management, beauty and wellness, athletic recovery, and overall health. Sense
Therapy offers safe and effective electric Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), Red and
Infrared Light Therapy, and Halotherapy to help our clients achieve their desired
results. The therapeutic techniques used allow your body to kick-start its own natural physiological processes for reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

Sense Therapy aims to provide the best experience for all individuals looking for
holistic wellness and recovery alternatives. We pride ourselves in taking the time to
listen, educate and walk each guest through their desired therapy sessions to make
it as an enjoyable experience as possible. Visit one of our locations today to speak
with one of our Customer Services Associates and “expand your senses”!

World Class Therapies

Our mission at Sense Therapy is to inspire and guide customers to take control of their own health and wellbeing by providing them with only the very best, cutting edge technology, ample service offerings, and top of the line customer service.

Who We Are

Sense is a new generation, therapy alternative created to offer our customers the newest, non-invasive treatments to help alleviate and diminish inflammation of the entire body. Corporal inflammation has been determined to be the root cause of all kinds of health problems such as painful joints, nerve and muscle strain leading to difficulty with daily activities.