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What is Halotherapy?

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Halotherapy has a long history and dates back to as far as the 12th century, according to historical records found in research.

The process is classified as an alternative form of medication that utilizes the use of salt.

Different types of Halotherapy are used for different issues, and each works to achieve results in similar yet different ways.

Halotherapy has its benefits as well as its drawbacks but has been proven to work efficiently.

Types of Halotherapy

Different types of Halotherapy can be used to achieve the health benefits you need. It is usually broken down in two forms: dry and wet and is classified based on how the salt is administered. But what are the processes of both methods? We have researched and have found out the…

Dry Method – This option is usually done in what is called a “Salt Cave ” and is free of humidity. The temperature the salt is stored in is generally cool (average 20 Degrees Celsius or lower), and each session lasts from 30 to 45 minutes.

The process involves the use of a halogenerator that grinds the salt into microscopic particles. It is then released into the room the patient is so they can fully absorb through inhalation and their pores.

Inhalation is said to aid in the removal of toxins and allergens from the respiratory system as well as clearing the nasal passage by breaking down mucus and releasing them from the body.

The salt can also absorb bacteria and other elements from the body and aids in repairing many skin conditions.

Wet Method – This option utilizes the use of water to mix the salt and take on many forms like:

Garling – You add the salt solution to your mouth and flush (similar to when using Listerine).

Drinking – Drinking the salt solution will cleanse from the inside like your colon and chronic constipation. It also serves as a detoxing method to flush the body of toxic elements and can be used as a laxative mechanism.

Bathing – Soaking your body in saltwater will sap the toxic elements from your pores. It aids in pulling and releasing unwanted antibodies and dead skin.

Nasal Irrigation – Saline Lavage is the process of flushing the nasal passage to remove thick or dried mucus. It is also effective in clearing sinuses and prevents the spreading of infections and post-nasal drip.

What can you expect in Halotherapy?

When you decide to go for a Halotherapy appointment, there are certain actions you will notice and experience. Depending on the type of Halotherapy you will be doing, the expectations will differ. When going for a dry session, you will:

– Sit in a room that is more on the chilly side than hot as the average temperature may be from 20 degrees down.

– Be required to keep your clothes on and ensure it is comfortable as you will be in one place for almost an hour or more.

The process is simple yet effective in correcting a lot of health issues and complications experienced by people.

Benefits of Halotherapy

Halotherapy is the use of salt to treat or cure select conditions and has benefits for both humans and animals. It is a natural process, with no harmful side effects that are effective in removing toxins from the body. There are multiple benefits of the process to include:

Respiratory Health

We are exposed to lots of negative elements each day and having an effective detoxing solution is critical.

As such, one can resort to using Halotherapy as a way of ridding their respiratory system of all foreign elements. Salt contains various anti-inflammatory properties that is efficient in removing all harmful elements from the body and improving overall health.

The properties in the salt works at expanding the airway passages so breathing can be more flexible. There are various respiratory conditions that Halotherapy can resolve to include bronchitis, sinusitis and asthma.

Prevent Asthma

Controlling asthma is one of the most difficult things in life as there are so many things that tend to trigger the symptoms and are hard to deal with.

Using Halotherapy helps to naturally open the respiratory airways to allow less trouble in breathing.

Halotherapy gives you the ability to control your asthma instead of the other way around. However, it is only a supplement for your doctor-prescribed medication.


Help Defeat Allergies

Allergies are annoying from a runny nose to headaches and itching as soon as you enter certain environments. But, Halotherapy is effective in treating these issues as the salt process:

– Clears the airways of any inflammatory elements

– Serves as an anti-bacterial solution

– Rids the respiratory passage of allergens and other irritating factors

– Eliminate the storage of mucus that will lead to a runny nose, headache, and the other symptoms of sinusitis.

Perfect Remedy for Curing Bronchitis

When you use Halotherapy, you allow the salt to penetrate the lungs to treat and repair damaged tissues.

When a patient who suffers from bronchitis does Halotherapy, they cleanse their system of bad antibodies and other factors that cause inflammation and breathing issues.

Opting for a Halotherapy while suffering from bronchitis will help with:

Reduction in the use of inhalers or steroids.

Improving lung function.

Alleviating sneezes, coughs, and shortness of breath.

Helps Relieves Depression and Anxiety

Halotherapy will help to reduce depression and anxiety as you will enter a phase of relaxation and comfort.

Your nerves will be calmer as the process is a healing method to reduce emotional, physical, and psychological stress.

Because you will now be less focused on health conditions and other issues, you will find you are more relaxed in dealing with certain issues.

Halotherapy can help in improving the skin condition

Your skin is one of the most critical in protecting your body’s health and functionality. Doing a Halotherapy session in El Paso, Texas, will help to create a barrier on your skin to rid it of foreign elements and keep out dangerous elements in the process. When the skin comes in contact with the salt, it:

– Increases rigidity

– Stimulates the growth of natural hair

– Induces reparative strategies (healing functionality)

An Effective Halotherapy Session

Countless places indulge in this practice but do not necessarily give the result one needs. When you book an appointment with Sense Therapy in El Paso, Texas, you are guaranteed a service that suits all ages and an effective way of treating the health conditions that affect you most.

The salt chambers are effective in utilizing safe salt that the body will absorb, and you are guaranteed no harmful side effects. The services are affordable, and you get the chance to deal with a team of friendly staff who has your best interest at heart.

Book today for free information and consultation, as well as the best recommendations needed for completing a Himalayan Salt Room session in El Paso.