Sense Therapy

Our Cryptherapy is so unique that it will change your wellness standards, but if this is your first time trying it, this is what you can expect:.

1. Check-in with the receptionist where you will receive your warming garments (robe, gloves, mask, socks, and ear warmers) and be guided to our changing room.

2. Relax in our waiting room while the Cryotherapy chamber is prepared for your treatment.

3. Once the technician is ready for you, you will be guided to the chamber where you will take off your robe and remain for the length of your brief 2-3 minute treatment. You will be directed by your technician to slowly maintain your body in motion throughout the treatment by pacing or spinning around in place… P.S.-The extreme cold does make it challenging to withstand the discomfort, but it is over just as quickly as it begun.

4. Once your time in the chamber is up, you will reapply your robe and you will be guided to our warm-up area where you will have a choice of exercise equipment.

5. You will select the equipment of your choice and will engage in a brief 5 minute exercise session to bring your body temperature back up to normal range.

6. Once your 5 minutes are up, simply head back to the dressing room and change back into your clothes.


Voilà! You’ve completed your first Electric Cryotherapy session. Lastly, head back to the receptionist desk where you can schedule your next treatment.