October 2018

Our Cryptherapy is so unique that it will change your wellness standards, but if this is your first time trying it, this is what you can expect:. 1. Check-in with the receptionist where you will receive your warming garments (robe, gloves,

Clients interested in our Halotherapy treatments do so in our state of the art Halotherapy Salt Room at Sense Therapy.  After being greeted in our reception area and checked in, clients are then given a pair of warming socks

Halotherapy is an alternative therapy which makes use of the soothing effect of salt for wellbeing.  Numerous forms of Halotherapy have been known about and used for millennia.  The theory is that confining oneself in a highly saline environment for

Red - Promotion of skin cell regeneration, promotion of blood circulation, pain relief, activation of active ingredients, treatment of skin conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis, acne, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles.

Clients at Sense Therapy are given full body Chromotherapy treatments in our state of the art ENVY® Light Capsule utilizing clinically proven and FDA cleared LED therapy and photobiomodulation. The ENVY® Light Capsule functions much like a tanning bed, although only

Chromotherapy is an alternative medicine treatment in which the use of light in the form of color is used to balance the energy lacking in the person’s body.  Each color of light possesses frequencies of a specific vibration, and each

The benefits of electric cryotherapy treatment far outweigh those of traditional, nitrogen chambers; not to mention the safety concerns. As opposed to nitrogen, which the FDA has had to add a safety warning due to the hazardous gas used in the

Cryotherapy is basically “cold therapy”, the practice of applying extreme cold to treated areas of the body to reduce inflammation, promote better circulation and oxygenation, ultimately improving your immune system and achieving a hypersensitivity to pain.  Customers have been known